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Wall Mounted Touchscreen

Vegatouch is a powerful and reliable coach control system packed into a clean, simple interface. Completely customizable, the Vegatouch system can connect to a vast array of components to give customers total control of all electrical, electronic and mechanical systems from a built-in touchscreen or wirelessly, from a smartphone or tablet.

Allow customers to monitor cameras, tank levels, batteries, power levels and temperatures while giving them complete control of every component—audio/video, lighting, awnings, shades, climate systems, generators, pumps, slide-outs and more—all from a single user interface.

Vegatouch can also help simplify complex systems. Imagine a single “Theater Mode” button that lowers the lights and shades, powers on the TV and Video player, and brings the remotes up on-screen. Imagine setting one temperature that can automatically control a variety of heating and cooling equipment across multiple zones. The possibilities are virtually limitless with Vegatouch at your fingertips.




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